Seattle DADU Plans

Pre-ApprovedDADU Plans

Seattle “Pre-Approved” DADU Plans

To streamline DADU permitting, the City of Seattle developed 10 pre-approved DADU plans that allow Seattle residents to permit their own lower-cost, space efficient homes, in a quick time frame of 2-6 weeks.*

Read descriptions and see photographs of pre-approved DADU plans at ADUniverse.  These plans cannot to be modified as they’ve already been reviewed for compliance with various codes, such as building, land use, and energy codes.

The DADUs range between 288 – 1,000 sf, perfect for anyone’s needs. Used as a rental unit, guest house, home office, or personal sanctuary, people throughout Seattle are now taking advantage of this newly passed legislation. You can too.

*Depending on the characteristics of the property, including compliance with zoning standards, foundation and utility design, and drainage.

Easy Process to Receive Your Plans

  1. Consult and choose your Pre-Approved Plan with the All Solutions Team
  2. All Solutions handles the permitting steps, directly with the City
  3. Receive your Permitted Plans

Pre-Approved DADU Plan

In addition to the City of Seattle 10 pre-approved DADU plans we also offer a pre-approved DADU plan. The “Schooner DADU” plan is a two story 1,088 sq. ft. DADU with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.


What is Included in the Pre-Approved DADU Package?

Pre-Design & Basic Design Service

Contact and engagement of required consultants on Client’s behalf

Creation of design/permit schedule and coordination of this schedule with project team

Coordination of project number creation and intake date scheduling

Project Design

Direct coordination with the designer which includes site design, floor plan design decisions and architectural guidance to the design

Meeting or time period set aside for client to review design and provide approval

Permitting (Building Permit)

Submission of all applications through City of Seattle Portal

Permit documents will be checked for quality, in an effort to reduce unnecessary correction cycles

Contact will be made with design team and SDCI reviewers on an as-needed basis to ensure timely response to submittal and correction items

Engagement in the project process beyond approved reviews, to ensure that holds in the SDCI System or other anomalies do not create undue delay to permit issuance